Why Sell With Us


Choosing the right agent to sell your home can make a difference. If you are selling your home, it is important to get it right the first time. Like trades people, doctors or any profession, there is a difference between agents, if your property is not efficiently marketed from day one you can quite often crash and burn the sale which will ultimately affect the end result being your sale price.


Here at Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Properties we adopt a “Leave No Stone Unturned” attitude when tailoring a marketing strategy to best suit the needs of the property. A well planned and executed Marketing Campaign is critical to the success of the selling process, the better the marketing campaign, the greater your chances are obtaining the best price. Our team have a clear understanding of the principles of marketing and will develop a marketing strategy which is appropriate for the sale of your home that will effectively reach all potential buyers currently in the market place.


Our Mission here at Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Properties is to deliver RESULTS that exceed our clients EXPECTATIONS. We have created ‘Best Practice Systems’ that provide solutions and satisfaction to your most desired wants and needs. The team at Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Properties are driven and focused to deliver old school customer service and values, while always researching and developing dynamic marketing strategies to ensure the best result for our clients.


Dylan’s message is simple – He works as hard as he can at all times for his clients to achieve the best possible outcome.


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