Sort the clutter out

It’s surprising how many people don’t clean before a viewing or open day event. If you’re planning on moving, then you’ll need to declutter at some point – so get ahead of the game and declutter before you put your property up for sale.

Give each room definition

When selling a house, you’re selling more than mortar and bricks. You’re selling a lifestyle, an experience – somewhere to make memories. You may use the spare room as a makeshift storage cupboard but your prospective buyers are expecting to see a bedroom; make it easier for them by clearing out your “stuff” and let the room shine in its intended use.

Leave a little personality

While it’s important to de-personalise your home for viewings, you don’t want to remove every inch of personality; clutter is very different to style. By leaving some touches that appeal to a broad audience you’ll highlight one way that the space can be used.

Get out of the way

Leave viewers to peruse your property by themselves without following and talking about every family tale that each room holds for you – they need to imagine their own future tales for each room. So, get out the way, make a cup of tea and let them find their feet.

Don't forget your outdoor space

If you’re fortunate enough to have a corresponding outdoor area attached to your property, that’s good news for your wallet. Outdoor spaces are regarded highly by most home-hunters and can increase the value of a house greatly. However, ones that are left to overgrow into a state of disarray won’t do much to change your For Sale sign. There are lots of ways to spruce up an outdoor area – make sure you pick one.


Love them or hate them they need to go on a doggy date for the day. This may sound severe but you should consider that people come in three varieties:

  • Animal lovers
  • Animal haters
  • People that are allergic to animals

And these are the three reactions they’ll have:

  • Animal lovers will spend more attention on your pet than your home
  • Animal haters will be fretting that the smell of wet dog is ingrained in the carpets
  • Those that are allergic will be frantically trying to keep a reaction at bay

Don’t just remove the pet either – hide away bowls, leads and toys, hoover up hairs and scrub away muddy paws from the floors.